Bebchuk on executive compensation: Let the Good Times Roll Again?


Harvard Law School Professor Lucian Bebchuk LL.M. ’80 S.J.D. ’84, director of HLS’s Program on Corporate Governance wrote “Let the Good Times Roll Again?” for his July column for Project Syndicate, an international association of 425 newspapers in 150 countries. His recent article draws on his testimony before the Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, and his white papers “Equity Compensation for Long-Term Performance” and “Regulating Bankers’ Pay.”

Research with Impact

Professor Charles Ogletree Jr. ’78

The visionaries who supported these programs can already see results Established by HLS Professor Charles J. Ogletree Jr. ’78 in 2005, the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice was designed to honor and continue the work of the celebrated civil rights lawyer. The institute engages in a variety of projects related to social and racial […]

Research finds directors’ options were favorably timed


The HLS Program on Corporate Governance released a new study today called Lucky Directors, by Professor Lucian Bebchuk and co-authors Yaniv Grinsten and Urs Peyer suggesting that outside directors’ options, and not only executives’ options, have been favorably timed to an extent that cannot be explained by mere luck.

Panel debates whether directors of companies should be personally liable


On Friday, Novemeber 4, The Program on Corporate Governance at HLS will host a panel discussion to debate personal liability for corporate directors. This question became a central one in the recent WorldCom and Enron cases, in which directors paid settlement fees out of their own pockets. Panelists will consider whether personal liability makes directors accountable, or whether it could deter directors from serving and make serving directors excessively defensive.