Navigating the path of a life


When you next have a free moment online, visit the Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Digital Suite, launched by the Harvard Law School Library early this year. Panels, like stained glass on a cloudy day, open, to reveal chapters in the life of the famed Supreme Court justice (1841-1935). They grant access to images, documents and […]

HLS Library tells ‘A Tale of True Crime’

“Extra! Extra! Read All About It: A Tale of True Crime.”

On Jan. 11, the Harvard Law School Library announced the opening of a new exhibit titled “Extra! Extra! Read All About It: A Tale of True Crime.” Featuring materials from the library’s Historical & Special Collections, the exhibit examines a short chapter in the United States’ history of true crime narratives, covering topics such as serialized true crime literature, crime photography in newspapers, and new angles on the media coverage of the Sacco and Vanzetti case.

A Man of Letters: Joseph Story (1779-1845)


Digitized materials give new perspective on a storied figure Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story not only became Dane Professor at Harvard Law School while serving on the Court. In addition, like all Supreme Court justices in his era, he also sat on a federal Circuit Court. Little is known about the relationship between Supreme Court […]

HLS Library unveils new Joseph Story Exhibit and Digital Suite

The Harvard Law School Library has curated a collection of original documents and images from the life, legacy and world of Joseph Story, a lawyer, beloved teacher, prolific author and Supreme Court justice. The new exhibit, “A Storied Legacy: Correspondence and Early Writings of Joseph Story,” is on view in the Caspersen Room, Harvard Law School Library, through December 7, 2012. Complementing and expanding upon the exhibit is a new Joseph Story Digital Suite.