A Precarious State

A Precarious State 1

Think of an honest used car salesperson. The very idea might seem like an oxymoron. That’s not because no honest people ever sell cars. It’s because the profession as a whole is not considered trustworthy by the public. What if that sense of mistrust were not limited to the used car lot but had spread to institutions the public relies on every day? It has, according to Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig.

JET-Powered Learning

1L Experiential Learning

Through a sweeping array of new, innovative, hands-on courses, Harvard Law School’s new January Experiential Term (JET) gives 1L students a chance, early in their time on campus, to learn by doing, to work in teams, and to explore—or discover—what inspires their passion in the law.

Leading a Movement

Leading a Movement

In the wake of Celebration 65, a commemoration of the 65th anniversary of HLS’s first class with female students, five participants—a former head of state and other successful alumnae in law, government, politics and business—share what they’ve learned about women’s leadership challenges, and how to bring change to their industries, the nation, and the world.