Harvard Gazette: Academic boot camp


Harvard has been entwined with the American military since its start. In 1775, Gen. George Washington quartered the first Continental Army in Harvard Yard. On April 19 that year, British troops retreating from Concord and Lexington killed a graduate of the College, the first to die in combat, near present-day Porter Square. This week, Harvard […]

Warrior Scholar Project

Jesse Reising ’15

Jesse Reising ’15 was eager to start his career as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps upon his graduation from Yale—until his dream was derailed when he made a tackle during the 2010 Harvard-Yale football game, resulting in partial paralysis of his right arm. Medically disqualified from the Marines (he’d attended Officer Candidates School during college), Reising decided to serve those who serve in the military. Last summer, at Yale, he and two friends launched Operation Opportunity, with an initiative called the Warrior-Scholar Project, a two-week “academic boot camp” to help veterans transition from the military to college