Mark Fleming ’97

Fleming-4191_r_cmyk (HLB Winter 2020)

Five cases argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. Twenty-two years of work as a lawyer. And still, Mark Fleming will never forget the woman from Congo, the first client to trust him with her life. It was his 2L year. Fleming, a Canadian, had enrolled in the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program with a […]

Geehyun Sussan Lee ’15

sussan_lee_O7A2917_cmyk (HLB Winter 2020)

It helped that she was a first-generation immigrant herself. Sussan Lee could settle into a conversation with her client, a West African immigrant, about the oddities of everyday American life. They had that kind of newness in common. But the similarities ended there. Lee had emigrated from Korea easily as a child. Her client was […]

Afghanistan Reunion

Saeeq and Andru in Afghanistan3REVISED

Shortly before graduating nearly 10 years ago, Andru Wall LL.M. ’10 and Saeeq Shajjan LL.M. ’10 spoke to the Bulletin about their joint connection to Shajjan’s home country of Afghanistan. Since then, their paths have mostly diverged. Recently, however, their paths crossed again and they saw each other for the first time since their HLS days when Wall returned to Afghanistan for a nearly yearlong stint.

Justice for All

Judge-Fisher (HLB Winter 2020)

When Fern A. Fisher ’78 had to list every place she had ever lived on her New York bar application, she filled two pages. She had moved frequently, as her mother, a domestic violence survivor, was pushed by poverty and evictions to move the family to new homes. On the day Fisher graduated from Harvard Law School, she learned that her mother had just lost her latest home to foreclosure. Fisher’s mother could not understand, therefore, why her daughter turned down the financial security offered by private law firms to take what was then the highly unusual path of pursuing a career in public interest.