Harvard Schools Host First JD/MBA Reunion

They called themselves orphans, pearls without a string, and the lost graduates. But on April 5 and 6, these wayward souls found a home, when graduates of the JD/MBA joint program gathered at the Charles Hotel for their first reunion. The fact that it was at a central location between the schools was a relief […]

In the Money


Many alumni have made a fortune for their clients and themselves in the investment world. Five of them talk about how they do it–and why stock market fluctuations don’t keep them up at night.

A Lodge Out West


In the land of the bean and the cod (that’s Boston for those of you who have forgotten), it was once said that the Cabots speak only to the Lodges. The Lodges apparently got around a little bit more. Or at least one of them did, according to a new biography of John Lodge ’29, […]

Power to the People


Matthew Freedman ’99 is all charged up. Just ask him about the deregulation of California’s utilities. He’ll tell you in passionate detail the tortuous story of a market-based disaster underwritten by the state’s consumers while others reap the profit. A staff attorney at the Utility Reform Network (TURN), Freedman came to the organization with years […]

The Times According to William Proctor

William Proctor ’66 recognizes the New York Times’s preeminence as the country’s newspaper of record. That’s why he reads it every morning, and why he’s written a book lambasting it. In The Gospel According to the New York Times, Proctor contends that the paper blurs the lines that should divide straight news from editorial content. […]

Bush Taps HLS Grads for Administration


A new president may occupy the White House, but Harvard Law remains well represented at the top of government. So far, President George W. Bush has appointed former U.S. senator E. Spencer Abraham ’78 (’79) as secretary of the Department of Energy, Robert Zoellick ’81 as U.S. trade representative, and Alberto Gonzales ’82 as White […]

Guilty, by Reason of HLS Degree


A Harvard law degree is not always advantageous. In fact, for Nguyen Ngoc Bich LL.M. ’73, it was downright dangerous. Largely because of his HLS education, Bich spent 12 years in prison in his native Vietnam. The experience has not diminished his will, his sense of humor, or his affection for the School. Indeed, he […]