Constance Baker Motley


Georgetown Law Professor Sheryll Cashin ’89 once asked her mentor, Thurgood Marshall, why he had passed over Constance Baker Motley to succeed him when he stepped down as head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in 1961. “I asked [him] to his face why he chose Jack Greenberg as his successor,” recalled Cashin, who clerked […]

The Law Professor and the Elephant

elephantcvr_web Faculty Books Weinreb (HLB Winter 2022)

Lloyd Weinreb ’62, professor emeritus at HLS, who passed away in December (see Page 48), was the author of many important articles and books, several on legal and moral philosophy. They include the provocatively titled “Oedipus at Fenway Park: What Rights Are and Why There Are Any.” Recently, he wrote a different kind of book with an […]