Research with Impact

Professor Charles Ogletree Jr. ’78

The visionaries who supported these programs can already see results Established by HLS Professor Charles J. Ogletree Jr. ’78 in 2005, the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice was designed to honor and continue the work of the celebrated civil rights lawyer. The institute engages in a variety of projects related to social and racial […]

Langdell’s Guardian Angel

Terry Martin

Having Harry “Terry” Martin at the helm of the Harvard Law Library was a comfort and an inspiration not only for me, when I was director of the Boston College Law Library, but also for the other law library directors in New England and in the profession generally.

Harvard’s Good Servant

Harvard’s Good Servant 1

Beginning as a student over a half century ago—and with the notable exception of successive clerkships for Justice Roger Traynor of the Supreme Court of California and Justice Felix Frankfurter—Professor Mansfield’s journey in law has taken place entirely at the Harvard Law School, as he is fond of calling it. Impressive as such longevity is, he has left a mark on Harvard—and on my life as well—that is even deeper than it is wide.

Levinson talks about how he’s helping students get on the law teaching track

Professor Daryl Levinson

Daryl Levinson, the Fessenden Professor of Law, joined the Harvard Law School faculty in 2005. He teaches and writes primarily about constitutional law and theory. He has been tasked by Dean Elena Kagan ’86 with helping students and alumni who want to become law professors. In the latest issue of Harvard Law Today, he answered some questions about how students — and alumni — can become legal academics.