FCC hears testimony at HLS about Internet openness

FCC Commissioners

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission was on the Harvard Law School campus today to hear testimony about whether or not Internet service providers deliberately blocked users from sharing files online. In a packed Ames Courtroom, the five commissioners heard from representatives of Comcast and Verizon about their network management practices, as well as from academics and small business owners who urged more freedom on the Internet.

Harold J. Berman, 1918-2007


Professor Emeritus Harold J. Berman, an expert on comparative, international, and Soviet law as well as legal history and philosophy and the intersection of law and religion, died November 13. He was 89. Known for his energetic and outgoing personality, Berman recently celebrated his 60th anniversary as a law professor.

Windfalls Realized: Two giants of tax law retire


How do we put a value on our (intellectual) capital gains? Or calculate the windfalls (to our minds) that have accrued from our original basis—in this case, from the date that William Andrews ’55 joined the Harvard Law School faculty in fiscal year 1961 and the moment, a few reporting periods later, when Bernard Wolfman arrived in 1976? We can’t—a perfect example of immeasurable, and invaluable, gains.