Corporate Prophet


For the past 30 years, Robert A.G. Monks ’58 has worked to change corporate governance and increase management accountability. Now, in the era of Enron, Global Crossing, WorldCom and other wayward companies, more people than ever are paying attention.

Some Old Familiar Places


They are companies known throughout the world. We grew up with their corporate incarnations–from Big Bird and G.I. Joe to the Avon Lady and Hershey’s Kisses–and they still are entrenched in our culture. What’s it like to be a lawyer for these icons of Americana? We visited some alumni at work to find out.

Risky Business


Not many people have to specify that they don’t think it’s a good thing that cigarettes kill people. But W. Kip Viscusi mentions it nonetheless because his work–and its subject matter–can be oversimplified, he says. Not to mention vilified.

Man of Steel


When Robert “Steve” Miller Jr. ’66 got a call from Bethlehem Steel’s board last year asking him to assume the flagging company’s reins as chairman and CEO, he accepted in a matter of hours.

Law of Supply and Demand


You wouldn’t expect Rob Chesnut ’84, the deputy general counsel to the largest online marketplace in the world, to be spending his day worrying about lawn darts.

The Biggest Game in Town


Tom Gallagher ’69 doesn’t gamble, but he certainly knows gaming. The president and CEO of Las Vegas’ Park Place Entertainment, the world’s largest casino and resort company, has been at the helm for just one year, but he is in many ways a veteran.

In the Money


Many alumni have made a fortune for their clients and themselves in the investment world. Five of them talk about how they do it–and why stock market fluctuations don’t keep them up at night.

Power to the People


Matthew Freedman ’99 is all charged up. Just ask him about the deregulation of California’s utilities. He’ll tell you in passionate detail the tortuous story of a market-based disaster underwritten by the state’s consumers while others reap the profit. A staff attorney at the Utility Reform Network (TURN), Freedman came to the organization with years […]