Luminaries gather to discuss race and social justice at two-day HLS event


In a two-day conference sponsored by Harvard Law School’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice—titled “Charting New Pathways to Participation and Membership”—attendees from the worlds of law, labor, government, academia talked about the obstacles to justice faced by many groups and how those impediments might be overcome.

Affirmative action is still necessary, says O’Connor in HLS keynote address

Not enough progress has been made toward racial equality in education, said former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor at Harvard Law School last week. She called for the continuation of race-based affirmative action, in her keynote address at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute’s conference, “Charting New Pathways to Participation & Membership.”

Aiming for 55

The Honorable Fernande Duffly ’78

Nationwide, only 24 percent of all judgeships are held by women. In federal courts, women make up barely 20 percent of the bench. Massachusetts Appeals Court Judge Fernande “Nan” Duffly ’78 wants to see these numbers rise and is passionate about making it happen.