‘Seeing the law work on a nitty-gritty level is really important to remembering that people interact with the law’


As HLS celebrates National Pro Bono Week, students speak on their commitment to pro bono legal work, and the challenges and opportunities of doing that work remotely.

A Movement that Mattered

ArabWinter_WritLarge_Main_Franziska Barczyk (HLB Fall 2020)

In “The Arab Winter: A Tragedy,” Feldman writes: “People whose political lives had been determined and shaped from the outside tried politics for themselves, and for a time succeeded. That this did not lead to constitutional democracy or even to a more decent life for most of those affected is not a reason to believe that the effort was meaningless.”

Simulating responses to election disinformation


In an effort to combat multiple potential vectors of attack on the 2020 U.S. election, two Berkman Klein Center affiliates have published a package of “tabletop exercises,” freely available to decisionmakers and the public to simulate realistic scenarios in which disinformation threatens to disrupt the 2020 election.