HLS team wins in three Supreme Court decisions

The Supreme Court

Harvard Law School Professor Carol Steiker ’86, several students, and two HLS alumni celebrated a supreme victory on April 25 when the high court ruled that death sentences in three cases from Texas should be overturned. Steiker and several of her research assistants contributed to the defense of three individuals on death row, along with Jordan Steiker ’88 and Robert Owen ’89, co-directors of the University of Texas at Austin School of Law’s Capital Punishment Clinic.

An op-ed by Professor Charles Fried: The people, not courts, should rule on same-sex marriage

Charles Fried Preferred Faculty Photo, as of 2/28/14

The following op-ed was published in the Boston Globe on January 5, 2007: Deval Patrick is off to a bad start. If the amendment to prohibit gay marriage ever reaches the people, I shall vote against it. I regret that the Supreme Judicial Court, in its closely divided 2003 decision in the Goodridge case, proclaimed that the state Constitution requires same-sex marriage.

McNeil v. Lu: Questions Presented

Shortly after midnight in the city of Amesville, petitioners McNeil and Perez–15-year-old boys–were playing video games at Playland, an all-night amusement park and arcade, when the owner approached and asked if they were under 18. When they refused to answer, he called two employees and had the boys physically escorted to his office. He phoned […]

Professor Hanson on the Supreme Court’s ‘drifters’

The connection between law and mind sciences: A Q&A with Jon Hanson

When Justices William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O’Connor left the bench last year, conservatives were in an anxious mood: though pleased at the prospect of shifting the Supreme Court to the right, they were worried by the record of past Republican appointments. The refrain in conservative commentary, repeated with special intensity during the Harriet Miers affair, was: Not another Souter. Not another Kennedy. Not another O’Connor.