Brainstorming new strategies for environmental protection (video)

Jody Freeman, Lisa Jackson and Martha Minow

On Dec. 3, an all-day conference marking the 40th anniversary of the Environmental Protection Agency’s creation was held at Harvard Law School. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was the keynote speaker; also among the speakers and panelists was former Vice President Al Gore, who addressed the luncheon. The event was sponsored by the Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Harvard Law School Law and International Development Society inaugural symposium focuses on post-disaster situations [Video]

Amartya Sen speaking to audience

Top practitioners, heads of state, academics, and theoreticians in international development came together with more than 200 students and community members for “Rebuilding After the Storm: The Role of Law in Development Post Natural Disasters,” the HLS Law & International Development Society’s inaugural symposium, held on Nov. 19, 2010.

Recent Faculty Books – Fall 2014

human rights 3D (HLB Fall 2014)

In his essays, Samuel Moyn considers topics such as human rights and the Holocaust, international courts, and liberal internationalism. Skeptical of humanitarian justifications for intervention, he writes,“[H]uman rights history should turn away from ransacking the past as if it provided good support for the astonishingly specific international movement of the last few decades.”