China Connection


Unfinished business: Roscoe Pound in China Roscoe Pound, HLS dean from 1916 to 1936, was ready for a new challenge in 1946 when the Kuomintang government invited him to survey the Chinese judicial system and advise on legal education. In what Pound described as the “biggest job” he had ever undertaken, the 75-year-old scholar went […]

Financial experts meet in China to discuss U.S.-China financial relationship

Professor Hal Scott

This weekend, leaders of the financial systems of the United States and China will gather in Tianjin, China to examine the financial relationship between the two countries. Organized by HLS’s Program on International Financial Systems and the China Development Research Foundation, the “Symposium on Building the Financial System of the 21st Century: An Agenda for China and the United States” will allow participants from the U.S. and China to discuss financial challenges facing the two nations.

Professor Glendon on ‘Principled Immigration’

Mary Ann Glendon receives Evangelium Vitae Medal

The following essay by Professor Glendon was published in the June/July issue of First Things: Not for the first time, the world finds itself in an age of great movements of peoples. And once again, the United States is confronted with the challenge of absorbing large numbers of newcomers. There are approximately 200 million migrants and refugees worldwide, triple the number estimated by the UN only seventeen years ago.

Arthur T. von Mehren, 1922-2006


A comparative scholar beyond compare Professor Arthur T. von Mehren ’45, a world-renowned scholar in international and comparative law whose work influenced generations of lawyers throughout the globe, died Jan. 16 of pneumonia. He was 83. Fluent in several languages, von Mehren had studied extensively abroad. He was the author of 10 books and hundreds […]

Exhibit highlights the first international war crimes tribunal


As the marshal shouted “Let justice be done,” Peter von Hagenbach was beheaded in 1474, after being tried and convicted by the first international criminal tribunal. Created by the Archduke of Austria, the tribunal consisted of 28 judges from different states in the Holy Roman Empire. Von Hagenbach, appointed governor by Charles the Bold, Duke […]