Panelists discuss the laws of fighting terrorism

Heymann, Harman, Leiter and Goldsmith

Experts on terrorism were on hand for a panel discussion titled “Dealing with Terrorism: What Congress and the President Should Do.” The panelists discussed what changes they think should be adopted to better deal with the legal issues that have become controversial in dealing with the war on terror, including interrogation techniques, detention facilities, surveillance, and torture.

In dispatches from Iraq, Erik Swabb ’09 describes dramatic changes in security situation

Erik Swabb ’09

Iraq war veteran Erik Swabb ’09 recently returned to Iraq and was embedded with a U.S. combat unit, hoping to gain an informed assessment of the security and political situation in the country. The trip was organized by the non-partisan group Vets for Freedom, which is aimed at educating the American public about the importance […]

HLS students who served in Iraq give their perspectives on the war


Last week, five current Harvard Law School students who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces spoke to a packed audience about their experiences in Iraq. Panelists Robert Merrill ’08, Geoff Orazem ’09, Erik Swabb ’09, Hagan Scotten ’10, and Kurt White ’10 each drew upon their varied military posts during the invasion, the Second Battle of Fallujah, and counterinsurgency operations, to explain what it is like to serve as a junior officer in Iraq.