A Catalyst for Change


This summer a group of Baltimore inner-city residents got technical jobs at an Internet company, thanks to their own determination but also to an idea Michael Rosenbaum ’98 developed while a student at HLS. “I saw there were technology companies whose growth was being slowed by the fact that they couldn’t find good workers,” said […]

California Dreamin’


Students Go West for New Careers Sitting in the Charles Hotel’s lobby before yet another job interview, Norm Cappell ’02 imagines the dream job that may await him in San Francisco. “It’s an exciting place to be,” Cappell said. For HLS students looking for an entry into the new economy, Silicon Valley and San Francisco […]

The Captain of the US v. Microsoft

Thomas Penfield Jackson

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ’64 is a blunt, plain-speaking, and physically imposing man who knows how to run a tight ship. From the moment he drew judging duties for United States v. Microsoft, Jackson was determined to keep one of the 20th century’s largest antitrust cases running swiftly and on course.