Public Interest Auction a Sight to Behold


“Bid, Justin, bid!” the crowd chanted. In the end, Justin Lerer ’02 did just that, bidding $1,800 on dinner and a poker game for four, hosted by Visiting Professor Elena Kagan ’86. Both Lerer’s bid and a $2,000 bid from another set of students were accepted. The chance to match card-playing skills with a professor […]

Harvard Law Survivor


What’s the difference between Harvard Law School and Survivor? Harvard Law School is easier to get into, and Survivor is easier to get kicked out of. Nick Brown ’02 should know. He’s the only person to experience both, one famed for an intense, competitive, even cutthroat atmosphere, and the other, well . . . For […]

One-L of a Good Time

Although Vaughn Carney’s new novel is about Harvard Law School students, his characters are not chasing paper. That’s not, after all, what most people go to the Combat Zone to find. Scenes of debauchery in Boston’s Combat Zone–a thriving red-light district during the era Carney ’71 attended HLS–help differentiate Straw Man: A Profane Fable of […]

I’ve Got a Secret


What better person to consider George W. Bush’s drunk driving arrest than Jim Koch ’78, founder of and pitchman for Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams beer? That, at least, was the perspective of a Boston drive-time radio show, which invited Koch to be a guest soon after the revelation was aired at the […]

In Defense of Blondes

Can a Southern California sorority queen survive the rigors of Harvard Law School, overcome virulent anti-blondeism, triumph in class and in the courtroom, and get the cute, sensitive, brainy guy in the end? Like, duh! That’s how the question might be answered by Elle Woods, the central character of the movie Legally Blonde, a comedy […]

Stooge Searching

Stooge-Fall 2000

In its storied history, Harvard Law School has produced presidents, senators, knights, CEOs, professors, attorneys general, and Supreme Court justices. But only now can the institution say that it has accomplished everything. It has produced the world’s foremost authority on the Three Stooges. Robert Kurson may not have made a mark on the world of […]