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A New Civil Rights Movement Is Already Growing at the Grass Roots

An op-ed by Derecka Purnell [`17].At a recent protest in Boston, a middle-aged woman angrily chanted at four black men: “Go to school! Get a job!” These men were my fellow Harvard Law School classmates, serving as legal observers to protect the rights of the protesters. Her thinking was an extreme representation of what many others believe: Young people are aimlessly “die-ing in” or stopping traffic without goals, strategies, preparation or even stakes. But young people are working and organizing.Continue Reading at The New York Times »

Sexual Assault and Justice

An article by Nancy Gertner. Campus sexual assaults are horrifying, made all the worse because the settings are bucolic and presumed safe—leafy campuses, ivy-walled universities. Assaults are reported in dormitories, off-campus apartments, and fraternity houses, in elite and non-elite institutions, from one end of the country to the other. Title IX (of the Education Amendments of 1972) was supposed to promote equal opportunity in any educational program receiving federal money. But until recently, Title IX was dormant and largely ignored….Just as the complainants must be treated with dignity and their rights to a fair resolution of their charges be respected, so too must those accused of sexual misconduct. You don’t have to believe that there are large numbers of false accusation of sexual assault—I do not—to insist that the process of investigating and adjudicating these claims be fair. In fact, feminists should be especially concerned, not just about creating enforcement proceedings, but about their fairness.Continue Reading at American Prospect »

Paris Gunmen Were Old-Style Terrorists

An op-ed by Noah Feldman. Why were the offices of Charlie Hebdo targeted this morning in Paris? It’s too soon to know for sure, but if it’s correct that the gunmen told bystanders they were from al-Qaeda in Yemen, as some newspapers are reporting, then a possible hypothesis emerges: This is an old-style, al-Qaeda jihadi attack against a Western capital designed to create global attention — and its major aim is to compete with the new style of sovereignty-creating jihadism that has been so successful for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.Continue Reading at Bloomberg »

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