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‘The scholar, teacher, and colleague we should all hope to be’: Anne Fleming ’05 (1979-2020)

Anne Fleming ’05, a former HLS Climenko Fellow, a legal historian and a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, died suddenly Aug. 26 from an embolism. Her research interests included contract and commercial law, consumer finance, and American legal history, with a focus on the relationship between law and poverty. Continue Reading

Sumner Redstone ’47

Sumner M. Redstone ’47, the billionaire entrepreneur who saw business as combat and his advancing years as no obstacle in building a media empire that encompassed CBS and Viacom, died at age 97. Continue Reading at New York Times »

Walter C. Carrington ’55

The U.S. ambassador and lifelong civil rights activist passed away on August 11, 2020. He was one of only four Black students in his class at HLS. His work in Africa became his most enduring legacy – notably as ambassador to Senegal at the end of President Carter’s administration and, more dramatically, as President Clinton’s ambassador to Nigeria. Continue Reading at Boston Globe »