An Open Court

Kelleher_Robert_Fall 2000

Tennis, anyone? For Robert J. Kelleher ’38, that’s not just a phrase for someone in search of a game. It’s a campaign for justice that embroiled him in controversy and helped earn him a place in the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

A Matter of Principle

Avery Dulles-HLB Fall 2000

Avery Dulles ’40–’41 knows that the law is important. But throughout his life he has focused on something even more important to him.

A Judge for Human Rights

Gillerman_Gerald Fall 2000

Not many people attend an event in Cambridge and end up in Tanzania. But that is precisely what happened to Gerald Gillerman ’52, a Massachusetts Appeals Court judge.

The Perfect Blend

Paras_Fall 2000

Jim Paras, the founder of Jade Mountain Winery, has been both a wine producer and lawyer since 1988, when he began to demonstrate that wines comparable to the best offered by France’s Rhône Valley could be produced in California.

Exile and the Writer

James Alan McPherson ’68 doesn’t practice law, but his career began to take shape when he was a student at HLS in Professor Paul Freund’s constitutional law class.

Food Obsession

Steingarten_Fall 2000

“The inability to enjoy every type of food is as debilitating as the inability to enjoy sex,” says Jeffrey Steingarten ’68, who has written a food column for Vogue magazine since 1988.

A Renaissance Man

Lader_Philip-Fall 2000

Philip Lader ’71 jokes that he has “spent 25 years doing almost anything to avoid practicing law.” And everyone from Australian university students to the president of the United States has benefited from his alternative choices.

A Duty and Mission

Lu_Annette-Hsiu-Lien_Fall 2000

She never saw herself as a politician. Indeed, she never thought she would even have the chance to lead. But now Hsiu-Lien Annette Lu LL.M. ’78, author, cancer survivor, former political prisoner, and founding member of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party, has become the newly elected vice president of Taiwan.

On Top of the World

Kennard_Lydia_Fall 2000

As the recently appointed executive director of Los Angeles World Airports, Lydia Kennard ’79 oversees four airport facilities, 3,000 employees, and an annual budget of nearly $1 billion. But her greatest concern is the growing number of passengers overburdening the second-largest system of airports in the world.

A Connection to the Lockerbie Trial

Artz_Donna_Fall 2000

Donna Arzt ’79 remembers exactly where she was in 1988 when she heard that Pan Am Flight 103 had exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. It was Arzt’s first year as a law professor at Syracuse University, and with 35 Syracuse undergraduates on board Flight 103 the knowledge that the blast left no survivors cast a pall over the campus.

Home Is Where the Heart Is


Cheryl Mendelson ’81 a lawyer and professor of philosophy by training, demystifies the mysteries of housekeeping and presents an argument for the value of domestic life, in her best-selling book, In Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House.

Bicultural Biography

Salazar_AnaMaria_Fall 2000

Ana Maria Salazar ’89 always notices the surprised looks. Salazar, deputy assistant secretary of defense for drug enforcement policy and support, gets that reaction often on the job.

Chronicle of a Forgotten War

Cain_Kenneth-Fall 2000

When Kenneth Cain graduated from HLS in 1991, he understood how powerful law can be when it is applied fairly and obeyed. Seven years later, he made it his mission to illustrate what happens when it is not.

In Defense of Disobedience

Komisaruk_Katya-Fall 2000

When police tear-gassed the giant sea turtle outside the World Trade Organization meeting last November, Katya Komisaruk ’93 sprang into action.

Unconventional Wisdom


In her new memoir, An American Story (Pantheon Books, September 2000), Debra Dickerson offers her analysis of the HLS experience and its students as a coda to an autobiography filled with determination, hurt, achievement, and struggle.