Life Lessons


Sometimes making the greatest impact on a student's life is as simple as changing his fifth-grade homeroom. That's what Marina Volanakis '99 did for 10-year-old Gabriel, and it was enough to turn him from a disrespectful troublemaker into a dedicated student.

The Case for the President


Ken Mehlman '91 was a Republican before law school. But HLS helped make him the Republican he is today. His predominantly liberal fellow students in fact made him "more Republican, more conservative," spurred by his view that rampant elitism drove their ideology, he said.

Equal Signs

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A restaurant employee is fired. He didn't violate company policy. In fact, he's a good employee, according to his manager. But he is fired because, as the regional manager put it, he is one of "those people."

Corporate Sleuth


Attorney Terry Lenzner '64 has made investigation his business.

A Conversation with M. Bernard Aidinoff ’53


M. Bernard Aidinoff '53 is senior counsel at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City, where he has practiced for nearly 50 years.