Committed to government service but not to big government


Rachel Brand ’98 is leading the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s campaign to roll back government regulations while also serving as a charter member of a government Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

From Sit-in to Sitting Judge

From Sit-in to Sitting Judge 1

Not many judges have served on every court in their home state. And not many have been on the bench for nearly 40 years. But Robert Bell ’69 has an even more unusual distinction: He serves on a court that at one time ruled against him.

Sharing the Pie

Shannon Liss-Riordan ’96

On May 30th, Shannon Liss-Riordan ’96 opened The Just Crust, a worker-owned pizza restaurant that came as a result of a class-action lawsuit against Boston chain, The Upper Crust Pizzeria. Liss-Riordan is hoping to turn the infamous case accusing the pizza chain of stealing workers’ wages into an example of how giving employees a voice can be both fulfilling and profitable.

He’s Got Game


If you really want to improve your legal writing, says Harvard Law School alum Mark Yohalem '05, try writing a video game. A prosecutor at the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles with a Supreme Court clerkship under his belt, Yohalem has written more than 20 short stories and seven computer games in his free time.

Friends in Deed


Back before students could get their readings in a digital format and listen to them on their computers, Joseph F. Nocca ’55, legally blind since childhood, found his own way to get through his law school assignments. A friend from college, Arthur J. Greenbaum ’55, also enrolled at HLS, offered to take the same classes as Nocca and read all the material to him aloud.

On Paying it Forward

“Even though it is 10 years since Arnold Levy ’35 died, I think about him from time to time,” writes Eugene R. Fidell ’68. “We were neither colleagues nor neighbors, but he was the friend of my friend Stephen R. Kroll ’71 and a law partner of Steve’s father, Milton P. Kroll ’37 (who himself passed away recently).

HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books


“The Morphine Dream,” by Donald L. Brown ’89, with Gary S. Chafetz (Bettie Youngs Books). The title of this memoir is literal—and relates to Harvard Law School. While on morphine, recovering from an operation meant to restore his ability to walk after an accident, the author imagined he would graduate from the school. And walk across the country. His doctor thought he was delirious. After all, Brown had few prospects and only a ninth-grade education. But the dream did indeed come true; he tells the story of his long walk both literal and metaphorical.

A conversation with Morgan Chu ’76


Many Harvard Law School alumni have been extraordinarily successful, many have lived unusual lives, and not a few have done both—including Morgan Chu ’76, one of the most successful IP lawyers in the world, who, along with his wife, Helen, is endowing in perpetuity the dean’s chair at HLS. Dean Martha Minow will be honored as the inaugural Morgan and Helen Chu Dean’s Professor.