April 4, 2021. A spring snow at Harvard Law School.


Winter in all its glory takes center stage at HLS

Credit: Martha Stewart

From snow-covered branches to buildings dusted in white, from spring blooms peeking out to a squirrel’s surprise, past scenes of winter abound at HLS.


Person walking on a wintery day on campus carrying an umbrells

Caspersen Student Center, March 2019 Credit: Martha Stewart

a close up of snowcover yellow spring blossoms

Credit: Martha StewartEarly blooms, January 2021

A high angled photo of a decorative black gate in front of a red brick dorm

Credit: Martha Stewart Hastings Hall, February 2021

Person walking by the side of a building on a sunny winter day

Credit: Martha Stewart Langdell Hall, February 2021

Squirrel sitting in a tree

Credit: Martha Stewart Holmes Field, February 2021

Curved part of building with window with the words "The Work" carved. Touches of snow

Credit: Martha Stewart Austin Hall, January 2021

Man sweeping the steps in front of a doorway in winter

Credit: Martha Stewart Langdell Hall, March 2018

Snow covered branches near a fence with signs that say "bike racks" and "no biking"

Credit: Martha Stewart Langdell Hall, March 2018

Outside view of a window with paper snowflakes on a winter day

Credit: Martha Stewart Pound Hall, February 2017

Column detail at HLS in the snow

Credit: Photo by Anton Grassl Gannett House Winter, 2008

HLS campus in snow at night

Credit: Heratch Photography WCC, February 2014